Hjördis Niven links

Hjordis Niven portraits


Hollywood’s golden age: David Niven. Fabulous resource covering Hollywood from 1930-1959 with an excellent bio of David Niven.

The DigitaltMuseum, Sweden. Freely searchable resource, including a fantastic collection of fashion photos, including many of Hjordis and her colleagues at the Nordiska Kompaniet from 1941-1945.

Hjördis Genberg Wikipedia page. Swedish language. Started by the DigitaltMuseum, Sweden.

Classic movie favourites: “Favourite actors, actresses, directors, movies and more.” Also book reviews, interviews, and a David Niven section. And still more.

Silver Screen Suppers: This is what blogging is all about. A really enjoyable site which lists, makes and tastes movie stars’ recipes….  and movie stars’ wives’ recipes,  including Hjordis’ recipe for a traditional Swedish dish called Jansson’s Temptation.

The Daily Mail: David Niven Junior: The truth about Dad’s deathbed confession

Amazon UK. NIV: The Authorized Biography of David Niven. Some interesting customer reviews of Graham Lord’s biography.

 Product Display – Producers Library. David and Hjördis Niven in the “Rocket to the Stars” TV show, 1950. Broken into small chunks, but can be viewed for free.

CultureWitch : The search for Hjördis.  “The bookwitch is getting more opinionated with old age, and feels ready to single-handedly try to mirror the Guardian’s Arts and Entertainment blogs.”

Spellbound by Movies – A dedicated movie blog run by film fanatic Beth Ann Gallagher. “Spellbound by Movies is a labor of love for me. I write about films and their associated personalities.

Nordingrå  – Photos and histories of the area where Hjördis Genberg spent her early childhood.

Palisadian Post – Very nice Pacific Palisades article about ‘The Pink House’.

The Daily Mail: Did David Niven plot to murder his wife?  There is no evidence. Some of the accompanying Niven bio comes from an unreliable book source.

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