Hats on to Hjördis Genberg, 1943-1945

This gallery consists of Hjördis Genberg hat-shots, taken for Nordiska Kompaniet’s ‘Franska’ department from 1943-1945. All photos are courtesy of the DigitaltMuseum, who have also created a Swedish language Wiki page for Hjördis.

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5 thoughts on “Hats on to Hjördis Genberg, 1943-1945”

  1. I was both in France and Switzerland during Davids last time and it was devastating for David and tragic so when he left, he finally found peace. David was a fine man.


  2. I found this website after re-reading David Niven’s “the Moon’s a Balloon’, and then “the man behind the balloon” by Michael Munn.

    Hjördis’ story is almost as interesting as David’s. One does get the feeling that however kind and loving – infidelities aside – David was with her, he never truly let her be anything more than Mrs David Niven. And he paid the price for it.

    And it’s sad that her very tragic experience at a young age was not taken seriously, by her or anybody – that was probably the root of her problems.

    Women didn’t always have it easy in those days.

    Thank you for sharing g this fascinating and well-documented story and insight.


  3. I worked for Mrs Niven for several months at Chalet St Andre in Chateau Do,ex. She was very demanding,unfriendly,and with no other staff there I found it a very lonely position. My job as Cook/ Housekeeper did not last long thank goodness,as she decided to go off to America to visit her daughters. I originally was told the job was in Cap Ferrat but never even saw it. I was very relieved when I left to return to the UK !


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