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Regarding recent updates to – well, there are plenty of new details and images, mostly in pages covering the 1930s and 1940s.

This includes new information about Hjordis’ marriage to Carl Gustaf Tersmeden, revealing similarities with her second marriage: about how her husband behaved, and how she reacted. There are plenty of tangents, such as the photo below from Carl Gustaf’s first (short) marriage, to Ingegerd Beck-Friis. Is that a look of doubt on his face, or just a look of doubt on his face…

Carl Gustaf Tersmeden with his first wife on their wedding day.

There is also a new page, concerning Hjordis’ first year as a model, illustrating her astonishingly rapid ascent from nervous would-be modelling student in 1941, to undisputed Queen of Leja in 1942. From mid 1942 until her move on to NK Franska in late 1943 she was the one and only model to feature in Leja’s advertising. Remarkable. (The image below is from May 1942).

Hjördis Genberg, Leja's top model at work in May 1942

Check out the site-map and updates page for other new additions.

Elsewhere, David and Hjordis Niven’s chalet in Chateau D’Oex came up for sale in 2018, for only the second time since Hjordis’ passing. There are a variety of excellent photos of both the exterior and interior. Hjordis’ niece Anette notes that the chalet has been renovated and looks better from when it belonged to her uncle and aunt. Happily, David’s matador paintings in the cellar are still there, as bright and colourful as ever…

The cellar in 2018, with David's paintings still bright and vivid.

And finally, while Hjordis was still residing in the chalet, I wonder if she knew that she was on a indie band’s record sleeve? In 1991, Swedish band Happy Dead Men released vinyl single “Science Fiction”, sporting a 1945 photo of Hjordis on the front cover…

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