Hjördis Niven • Christmas post

Hjördis Tersmeden on the cover of Husmodern. Sweden, 1946
Hjördis Tersmeden on the cover of Husmodern. Sweden, 1946, pictured with Christmas yarn.

I’d like to wish you all a very happy Christmas, 2017, and to thank you for your support of her website.

24th December 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of Hjördis’  passing, covered on the last (chronological) page of her story. It is a story which continues to live on, and will I’m sure lead to many new updates to hjordisniven.com in 2018.

1994, Hjordis Niven in Switzerland
Hjordis photographed in the chalet living room during a press visit in 1994


If you haven’t visited recently, I have published an account of life in the chalet supplied by her 1991/1992 house-keeper Christine Lewis. Christine describes Hjördis as “a very complex lady”, which just about sums up the story of her life.  For example, the accompanying photos seem to contrast her life of privacy, isolation and velour at the time. They come from a press visit in early 1994, during which Hjördis was hailed as “a survivor of depression and alcoholism”.

She reportedly revealed a suicide pact to her visitors, suggested by David in his final days, which landed her back in newspapers and magazines in the UK, Sweden and Italy. Not such a big deal for Hjördis, mind you, who had been appearing on covers stretching back fifty years.

Hjordis Niven and family, 1969

Elsewhere, if you’re feeling adventurous and have a very well stocked drinks cabinet, we have links to a full set of  Niven Christmas food and drinks, described to celebrity menu collector Johna Blinn back in 1967. The Yuletide punch is best not served near a naked flame.

Have a good one!

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