Hjördis Genberg Niven – The full story, 1919-1997

Hjordis Niven, 1997The last chapter of Hjördis’ story is now live: I want to be free, 1985-1997. As the 1980s wore on , Hjördis gradually withdrew from general view. “She was lonely after David’s death and her life was very different,” according to her friend Fiona Owen. “She didn’t socialise much and was quite fragile.”


Hjordis Niven. London, 1960
Hjordis Niven. London, 1960

The other side of the moon, 1984-1985. covers the first years of her life after David: Looking at her recovery from health problems, her gentle re-introduction to social life in 1985, and her reaction to the first David Niven biography: ‘The Other Side Of The Moon’ by Sheridan Morley.




Pia and Mia Genberg in Paris, 1961
Pia and Mia Genberg, photographed for ‘Paris Match’ magazine, Paris, 1961

Pia and Mia Genberg: Updated page about the adventures of Hjördis’ all-acting, dancing, singing and modelling nieces, in Stockholm, Las Vegas, and Paris. In their own words.

…. And lots of other recent updates, with Hjördis describing her life in the 1950s and 1960s

There will be other future updates – hopefully plenty of them, including Hjördis’ first movie appearance, all six seconds of it!

Finally, pardon my lack of posts, or their randomness. ‘Posting’ is still a new concept to me, https://hjordisniven.com was created as a static site.

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